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What we're doing to protect our clients

Covid 19 has changed the world as we know it and we need to change with it. The practice of Reiki does not fall under any Municipal, Provincial or Federal jurisdiction and will therefore not receive a formal notification of when we can reopen. However, I am a Certified member with the Canadian Reiki Association and it is their recommendation that Reiki Practitioner's follow the guidelines set out for the reopening of Registered Massage Therapists. In preparation for our reopening we at Nourishing Moments are in the process of giving our treatment room a thorough "Deep Clean" with Ministry of Health approved disinfectants and cleaners. This includes but is not limited to a thorough cleaning & disinfecting of our treatment table, cushions, books, light fixtures, equipment, etc. 

  • Prior to us opening our doors to clients and between each appointment the treatment room & all crystals, bells & candles will be cleansed, disinfected & smudged to remove any germs or negative energy  that may be in the room from a previous client.

  • Before coming to the appointment all clients will need to complete & return via email an electronic pre-appointment intake form. 

  • Before & after each appointment I will practice the thorough washing & sanitizing of my hands, treatment bed & any equipment that may have been used previously.

  • Your Specialist & you are required to wear a Mask during each treatment.

  • For safety, comfort and the clients peace of mind all clients will be asked to bring their own mask to the appointment.

In taking these steps we hope our clients will feel safe knowing we have done our best to ensure their safety & to help stop the spread.


If you have any questions please feel free to send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  


Gail Williamson

Beauty Specialist

Usui Reiki Master & Practitioner